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The protection of your organization’s assets and personnel is critical and Tech Regiment has direct knowledge of what tools, concepts and information will best serve to meet these needs. Our unique experience allows you to gain an insider’s perspective on how best to mitigate threats by becoming tuned and aware of multiple aspects needed to consider when traversing an ever-hostile environment.


This type of training and instruction can assist the attendee in establishing their own organizational program in order to meet the needs of required or regulatory mandates surrounding security and other best practices.


In addition to insider threat, physical and operational security we have cultural and language expertise to support corporate travel and security awareness. Cultural density training for pre-deployment of government personnel in select assignments are other important types of training we can conduct.


Each Tech Regiment course is designed to prepare you for real-world situations, and can be tailored to meet initial and uniquely developed requirements.


Please contact us for more information on how you can participate in courses within the following areas of interest, and more:


  • Intelligence

  • Language


  • Insider threat

  • Cultural density

  • Language

  • Special Security Officer duties (SSO)

  • Facility Security Officer (FSO)

  • Cyber security

Training courses provided by Tech Regiment are not academic courses for academic credit toward a degree. Any certificates provided are evidence of the completion of the courses and are not official academic credentials.


Tech Regiment has a first-hand understanding of what it takes to connect the finest technology talent with the best IT and Cyber Security positions. We are adept at filling positions within the following career paths, and more:

  • Information Technology – including information assurance and cyber security

  • UIUX

  • Language professionals and resources

  • Security

  • Administrative analysts

  • Business intelligence

  • Sales and sales support including channel management and business development


Our advanced knowledge, uniquely skilled personnel and arduous vetting processes are what set us apart. We provide cyber and IT staffing services nationwide to organizations that require progressive and responsive technical proficiency.


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Event Execution
  • Audio, video (AV) display and contracts

  • Food and beverage selection and management

  • On-site staffing and mangement

  • Exhibitor logistics and management

  • Guest / Attendee hospitality and services

  • On-site registration

Event Vision
  • Content research and assessment

  • Speaker, sponsor and attendee target 

  • High standards for quality assurance

  • Interactive collaborations

  • Solution-focused

  • Innovative and unique content

  • Personalized

  • Optimal networking environments

  • Attendee priority, vendor support

Event Planning 
  • Branding and graphic design

  • Marketing via promotional, print and digital

  • Event site selection

  • Venue contracts

  • Speaker recruitment and content

  • Vendor relations - promotional and decor 

  • Registration / ticket sales and hospitality

  • On-site / off-site logistics

  • Signage design and placement

Connecting Vision, Solutions and People.


We take vision and turn it into accomplishment. With our high standards for quality assurance our events are executed on time, on target and on budget. With the best interest of everyone in mind, we deliver: